Trip to Bhutan

The unswayed traveling spot is a small land privileged with rugged and sturdy mighty Himalayas, resplendent deep valleys, twinkling monks and majestic Buddhist temples. Bhutan is a hidden Shangri-la nestled between India and China, controlling the flow of traffic without any red light and quantifying its success index in terms of smiles and happiness. The 72% land of Bhutan is canopied with dense forests making it the world’s only carbon negative country. Another unique element of the country is its cloistered architecture encouraging Phallus graphics on the wall to drive away negative energies. The enchanting Land of the Thunder Dragon is filled with immense mountains, effervescing rivers, cheerful locals and opulent monasteries. A trip to Bhutan is a sorcerous experience to acknowledge the affluence of charming Buddhist culture in the magnificent Dzongs such as Tashichhoe and encounter a galvanizing landscape while crossing the fields of red rice to Thimphu. The land is a perfect spot for monastery buffs loaded with ravishing spots including the Tiger’s nest, Tango Monastery, Paro Taktsang and much more. Along with being a monastery heaven, the euphoric land is also a trekkers paradise extending the best travel experience at the Mountain of Jomolhari filled with exquisite landscapes, exotic flora and fauna and eminent peaks. Along with trekking, the calm country offers a bucketload of escapading activities such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Wildlife Safari and much more to adventure nuts. Plan a trip nearby Tsechu Festival and the Crane Festival to witness a jaw-dropping Archery competition and savor the best of your Bhutan Holidays.
Best Season: March, April, May, September, October & November
Popular Location: Paro , Thimphu , Punakha

Best travel package to Bhutan

Discover the unexplored secrets of the land of monks enriched with sturdy mighty Himalayas, glorious monasteries and umbrageous forests with our best travel packages to Bhutan. The tiny nation is loaded with astonishing vistas at Raidak river, Paro Taktsang Punakha Chhu, and Tang Chhu. The hidden Shangri-la is fortunate with twinkling smiles of red-clothed monks also quantifying success rate of the nation in terms of happiness index propagating the significance of felicity. Travel to Bhutan and discover the adventurous buff at the Mountain of Jomolhari and much more.
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