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Awe-inspiring and beautifully unique, Leh and Ladakh landscape encapsulates divinity and simplicity. Deep rooted in Tibetan and Central Asian culture, local culture of Ladakh exudes a nomadic pastoral life. Holidays to Leh and Ladakh can be a soul-stirring experience for anyone who finds solace in seclusion. Also known as “The Mysterious Land of the Mystic Lamas’, Leh and Ladakh is a barren desert which is marked by momentous snow capped Himalayas and clean azure skies. Our best vacation packages to Leh are particularly perfect for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts as this land is aplenty with trekking trails and its rugged terrain provides the right kind of challenge that they look for. Gloriously built Buddhist monasteries oozes peace and serenity that tourist came here in search for. Another important thing that makes thousands of tourists flock to this place during summers is its unflinching simplicity. Tucked right in the heart of mighty Himalayas Local residents of Ladakh follow a very simple lifestyle and cut-out from the rest of the world. If you happen to visit the place during festive months then you will see locals decked-up in traditional clothes showcasing the true essence of the land of the mystics.

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Nestled in the lap of mighty Himalayas, Leh and Ladakh is a paradise for travel aficionados. Encapsulating glorious landscapes and majestic mountains all in one frame, Holidays to Leh and Ladakh can be a soul stirring experience for any person who has a penchant for serenity and solitude. Also known as ‘The Mysterious Land of the Mystic Lamas’, true ethos of Leh and Ladakh lies in Buddhism. Our best vacation packages to Leh will take you on a trip to some of the most lovely monasteries, unparalleled landscapes, and beautiful lakes that will take you to an inward journey that you have been searching for all these years.

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