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India has obtained diversity and prosperity in its culture from its rootage which has been still preserved in ethnically well-heeled tribal groups. Contrive an escapading tribal tour to India apprehending the simple lifestyle of the tribals of several states such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam, Sikkim, Gujarat, Odisha, and Nagaland. India comprises approximately 10% tribal population living in green dense forests beholding their customs and traditions. The tribesmen of Odisha are unswayed of modernism enduring their lives in dense hilly areas in the southwest part of the region. The neighboring state, Chattisgarh consists of four tribal groups named- Dorla, Gonds, Maria and Muria living at Bastar region practicing unorthodox copulation between men and women subsisting before marriage maintaining a lively atmosphere. The tribals of Chattisgarh celebrate Dussehra with immense zestfulness in a unique style. Rajasthan is also popular for its 15% of tribesmen living in the southern region. The Bhil tribe is illustrious for their mode of celebrating Holi and Bhaneshwar Tribe for organizing a 5-day tribal fair. The Bishnoi tribe is established in a nearby village of Jodhpur fetchingly maintaining their relations with mother earth. The people of a Maharashtra based Mahadeo Koli tribe are adequately welcoming to let the visitors stay with them in their shacks and apprehend their lifestyle and culture. The northeast region of India comprises majority of tribes settled in Sikkim, Assam, and Nagaland offering a pristine tribal experience on the occasion of Hornbill festival and is also home to enduring headhunters. Experience the peculiar tribal life in mud huts with our Tribal Tour Packages to India.
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A gratifying tribal tour to India exhibits the glorious tribal experience inclusive of cultural, rituals, traditions, prosperous civilization, exuberant fairs and festivals, unaccustomed lifestyle and also a chance to experience subsisting in mud huts with the tribesmen. Our packages for tribal holidays to India includes a visit to the tribes of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Assam, Sikkim, Gujarat, Odisha, and Nagaland providing an idyllic experience to visitors to apprehend the diversity of Indian culture. Our proficient travel experts will look at your jaunt needs to maintain placidness in your entire trip
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