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Fall in love with the ancient capital of Bhutan loaded with splendiferous landscapes, culturally fundamental architectural work of Bhutanese civilization and fascinating treks with our best holiday package to Punakha. The exquisite land is home to the significant 17th century built Punakha Dzong snuggled between majestic Mo Chu and Pho Chu rivers and covered with gallant valleys and green landscapes embellishing the pulchritude. Along with Punakha Dzong, the travelers also visit the  Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten and Chimi Lhakhang to apprehend the prosperous Bhutanese culture where a phallus is consecrated to couples imploring for a child. The hospitable locals and monks wrapped in red clothes will heighten your gratifying holidays with their twinkling smiles. Re-define the meaning of a vacation in the land blessed with glorious nature valleys, acting as a trekkers paradise with an abundance of fascinating treks such as Punakha winter trek, Torsa Strict nature reserve and Samtengang winter trek. Adventure buffs with a rage for river rafting must visit to savor an adrenaline rush at Mo and Pho. With a travel package to Punakha, one can amply unwind his soul in the lap of mother nature. Contrive your travel in accordance with your bucket list with our travel expertise and relish your Vacations to Punakha .

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Explore our miscellany number of packages to Travel to Punakha and plan a holiday to savor the beauty of magnificent Bhutanese architecture surrounded by gallant valleys and green landscapes. The land is home to the ancient Punakha Dzong embellished with white walls and vibrant colored woods. Punakha is also blessed with glorious Mo Chu and Pho Chu with noticeable color difference enhancing the beauty of the Punakha Dzong. Adventure devotees can amply fill their zest through river rafting at the blistering streams. The felicitous land is also a trekkers paradise loaded with fascinating treks such as Punakha winter trek, Torsa Strict nature reserve and Samtengang winter trek. Receive the optimal of your travel to mystical land with our Holiday Packages to Punakha – Bhutan.

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