Our Hotel Partners

Holidaying though doesn’t have a perfect definition but comfort and relaxation goes hand in hand with it. So here at Bestway we cater finest accommodations and services.

With an extensive network of affiliates we provide stays in India’s most luxurious hotels, heritage hotels and boutique hotels. By virtue of our experiences and past relations, we have partnered with a chain of well-known hotel groups like The Taj Group of Hotels, The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts and ITC Group of Hotels to name a few.

As a result we have bagged special rates which benefits us and our clients both wholly.


  • The Taj Group of Hotels
  • Oberoi Hotel
  • ITC Hotel
  • Jaypee Hotel
  • Sarovar Hotel
  • The Taj Group of Hotels
  • Carlson Hotel
  • CGH Earth
  • Xandri Hotel
  • Welcome Heritage Hotel
  • HRH Hotels
  • HHI Hotel
  • Lalit Hotel
  • RAAS Hotel
  • Alsisar Hotel
  • MRS Hotel
  • Tree of Life
  • Elgin Hotel
  • Mayfair Hotel
  • Starwood Hotel