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The gateway of north Bengal is an integral part of Rajshahi division and is loaded with several archaeological sites and historically consequential places. A myriad number of evidence testifying the existence of civilizations makes Bogra a must-visit destination for inquisitive travelers with a thirst to apprehend the ancient civilization. The northern region of Bogra district has cautiously restored the remainings of ancient city Pundranagar in a well-entrenched museum at Mahasthangarh also serving as the cultural capital of SAARC. Our best tour packages to Bogra covers all significant landmarks – from Lakshindar Behular Basar Ghar to Deota Khankah Mazar to provide an optimum version of a visit to Bogra to the travelers. Along with museums and landmarks, Bogra is also fortunate with natural attractions at Adam Dighi and Baba Adam’s shrine and Saudia city park. The ancient capital of Pundranagar has transmuted into an industrial hub offering the benefits of a modern city in form of splendid infrastructure and luxurious accommodations. Spend some pleasurable holidays in Bogra while savoring the saccharine curds popularly known as ‘Doi’ and tasteful ‘bhorta’ filled with several rich spices where our proficient travel experts will be responsible to manage your comfort at your ataraxic journey.

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An urban city with the evidence of ancient civilization is loaded with architectural sites to spellbound its visitors. The most renowned, Mahasthangarh is a historical place and has served as the capital to 4th B.C. Punda lineage. Due to diverseness in the occupational structure of different eras, the city has accumulated a vast collection of art and architecture. Along with the ancient capital of Pundravardhana, our list of best places to visit in Bogra also includes Adam Dighi and Baba Adam’s shrine. The shrine was established in the memory of Baba Adam and upholds a graceful landscape offering some savoring moments to its visitors. The suburban land is also fortunate with sacred sites enriched with historical significance such as Jogir Bhavan temple and Deota Khankah Mazar. Contrive a visit to Bogra to apprehend the annals of history.

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