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Beautifully carved by the majestic Indian oceans, Maldives is a group of 1200 islands that exudes the true beauty of Mother Nature. Covered with pristine sandy beaches and beautiful tropical forests, Maldives has an ethereal aroma. From elegant beaches of the Northen atolls to the panoramic vistas of Southern isles, our best deals to Maldives will take you to the most unexplored places in the country. Maldives is undoubtedly the marvel of Indian Ocean and so is the throbbing and pulsating city of Male, which is the prime youth attraction of the islands. Boasting sprawling local markets and lovely mosques, the city has a mystic charm and also an amazing night life. All thanks to its sandy beaches, lovely waterfalls, and dense tropical forests, the islands also happen to be the Honeymoon hotspot, and backpacking adventure destination. Don’t forget to visit the lovely Nalaguraidhoo Island in South Ari Atoll popularly known as Sun Islands. Adorned with wide spread greenery and sun-kissed beaches, the place attracts thousands of tourists every year. The islands are also popular for adventure activities such snorkeling, water skiing, and deep-sea diving. Grab our Maldives holiday prices at best rates and book yourself for a memorable vacation.
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Endowed with the splendid beauty of Mother Nature, Maldives is a place that will help you reconnect with yourself. Our Maldives package deals will take you to the tour of some exotic islands, sandy beaches, adventure sports and of course the incredible flora and fauna that this island is blessed with. A group of almost 1200 islands, Maldives is beautifully carved by the lovely Indian Ocean. The most ideal time to visit this place is between the months of December to April as you won’t experience the harsh rain drizzles. Our Maldives travel packages are designed for seasoned travelers who look for a blend of adventure and calm.
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