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Timeless landscapes, pristine deep-blue skies, and dotted with traditional South East Asian archetypes, Cambodia is the jewel of South East Asia. Historically associated with the folklore of realm of gods, this gem is a beauty to behold. One of the prime destinations in the country is angkor Wat, also considered world’s largest religious monument. Our angkor wat tour packages are especially designed for travel enthusiasts who love merging in the nature’s glory. Watching the lovely sunsets behind the temple’s towers is a view to behold, something magical that you would have never seen in your entire life. Though the best time to travel this country is from November to February but the climatic conditions remain suitable all year round as it is nor to cold or short around the year. You might face mighty monsoons during the months of June to September but the soft drizzles of rain will make the journey all the more charming. Another prime location to be explored is Sihanoukville, a lovely sun-kissed beach perfect for adventure lovers. Here you can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, and Kayaking under the direct guidance of instructors. Don’t forget to explore the lovely temples of Koh-ker that encapsulate the true history of Cambodia.

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Imbibing the true ethos and culture of South East Asia, Cambodia boasts exotic temples, some stunning landscape and of course a legacy left by Khmer Empire. Amalgamating the ideas of west and tradition for East, the country offers a full-fledged traveling experience. There are many tour companies in Cambodia that can help you explore its elusive wildlife and tropical forests. Sprinkled with an array of panoramic views, a trip to this country will give you some unforgettable memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.