Exotic travel destinations in india

We all are fascinated by the life of the royals. The opulent lifestyle that may border on austere has always been under the public scrutiny because they seem so mysterious. All of us have had dreams of being a prince, princess or a king of a queen. The good news is that our Oberoi hotel packages in India give you an opportunity to live a royal life without the restrictions that come with being one. Most of us tend to the repeat the same monotonous schedule during every vacation like visiting the popular places, staying at a mediocre hotel, and going to some popular areas to eat. Our Oberoi vacation tours aim to break the monotony of that regular vacation. Once you stay at one of those luxurious king-sized hotel rooms of Jaipur; you will realize that money can certainly buy certain things and sometimes happiness too. The lovely Oberoi Himalaya vacation will take you to an altogether different world. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting by the side of bonfire at night, listening to legends and folktales related to the city. Lastly, the tranquil, calm and serene set up that a luxury cottage will offer. Think of the conversations under the stars, surrounded by greens, sipping on local tea! Such experiences are must to be marked in your travel diaries. Go for a shopping-spree in our in-house shopping mall, relax in our hot-tub jacuzzi, or simply dine on some palatable dishes prepared by world class chefs; as far as you are under the vicinity of Oberoi’s, the world is your oyster.

Exotic holiday destinations in india

Staying in a luxurious living space that too in aesthetically pleasing surroundings is something every person yearns for. No matter how crazy as an adventure junkie you are, one is always lured by the shimmering grace of luxury and our Oberoi holiday packages promise to give you an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Dine on some eclectic cuisines and food served by international outlets to devour your taste buds. Feeling a nerve to de-stress? head to the luxurious swimming area or a hot-tub Jacuzzi and bid farewell to all your worries. Our Oberoi exotic vacation tours are designed for travelers who do not mind splurging money on a luxurious travelling affair in the most exotic destinations in India.