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The historical yet mystical terrains of India are full of enchanting tokens hidden in every nook and corner of its lands. A magical fountain here, a sacred pond there and if you are visiting a historical remnant, surely you’ll find a token reminding of those ancient time. Often tourists prefer peddling or cycling through the country because it is the only way to fully experience the ambience of this nation. Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal and Goa are some of the states that actually deserve a very close regard. The very little yet very profound details will take you through how these places came into being. Uttrakhand is full of challenging terrains, suiting all the adventure loving folks out there! A liking for Hinduism, Buddhism and spiritual atmosphere? We bet Uttrakhand, Himachal, and the entire North Indian belt is your place! Often people visit these areas on motor bikes because of rough and rocky terrain. But some places are cycling worthy and we assure you that the ride will be one of complete ecstasy! Whatever you are, a social cyclist, adventure mountain biker or just a beginner, we have packages waiting for you all! Take our cycling trip packages and book yourself for a adventurous yet a soul-stirring journey.

India bicycle tours

Cycling through the lovely tea gardens of Kerala, apple gardens of Kashmir or enchanting beaches of Goa sounds like a perfect blend of a sporty and romantic trip. If you are a person who has a serious knack for adventure then the rugged yet mesmerizing terrains of India will help you channel your inner adventure buff. Cycling trips are not only entertaining but also an amazing workout and for a travel enthusiast taking a bicycling trip can be a lovely experience. A four vehicle might miss some unique and hidden spots but peddlers and cyclers get to experience each nook and corner 100%. It may sound as a sweaty and cumbersome job to peddle through places, but we have all sorts of cycles available for you that perfectly suit your style and body type. Book your trip with our cycle holiday tours in India and experience a whole together different side of traveling.

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