Travel to North East India

The undetected northeast region comprising seven sisters and a brother state- Sikkim, has several concrete surprises for the earthy enthusiasts such as fixture of diversified tribal cultures, rugged splendid land, the scarce miscellany of exotic Flora and Fauna, and rippling mountain tops. Travel to North East India and unveil the furthermost land of India partaking borders with Tibet, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The linguistic territory from Sikkim to Mizoram incorporates several elements to fall in love with the land. The green profused tea land, Assam upholds the Kaziranga National Park renowned for unique and rare one-horned Rhinoceros. Arunachal Pradesh draws in the escapade enthusiasts to Tawang Monastery which is recorded to be largest Buddhist monastery roosted at the height of 10,000ft. above sea level. Nagaland has 16 untamed tribes and prosperous history transcribed at the time of war which appeals visitors. The land of Jewels, Manipur is touristed for picturesque of the state at the Loktak lake surrounded by wooded hills. To rejuvenate the soul in the lap of nature, one must visit Meghalaya which includes caves, waterfalls, lakes and ancient root bridges. The exuberant hills of Mizoram and Tripura hold dense forests with wide motleyness of wildlife and renowned for its Bamboo products. The above-stated activities uphold several obstructions and are not a smooth sail. Only those with a bosom of adventure should opt for a vacation package to North East India.

North east india tour packages

With our Bagful of North East India travel packages pick out the most suited one and relish the furthermost region filled with ravishing mountainous appearances and multifarious flora and fauna. The bundle of eight states renders an opportunity to visitors to rejuvenate their mind and soul in the lap of mother nature at the waterfalls of Meghalaya. The most significant Buddhist monastery in India, Tawang Monastery is perched at the height of 10,000ft. above sea level appealing adventure enthusiasts to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Also, Encounter the existence of the rare one-horned Rhinoceros at Kaziranga National Park and much more with our vacation package to North East India.