Safety Concerns

Safety and security has always been indispensable condition for travel and tourism. With vast connectivity through World Wide Web everything is right in front of any and every individual. Thus, it causes an alarming concern in the mind of tourists if any news pop-ups regarding the holidaying destination. For our clients we have made a safety check-list which accounts for a pleasant stay in Incredible India.

Travel Insurance

Medical expenses, lost baggages, trip cancellation, flight accident; anything can happen while you tour across. Insuring the journey is the best solution we suggest and you must take. Travel insurance accounts for all losses incurred during the travel. Our specialist can provide assistance on asking, in picking up the best suited travel insurance for your type of journey.

Travel Insurance

It's important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic. Below are the links to a number of websites that contain excellent background information related to travel health issues. Nevertheless these websites are no substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional

About Food and Water

Water in India can be full of pollutants and parasites. In metro cities, where filters make it safe; in remote villages of India, it is nothing less than taking a risk. Being foreigner, the adaptability to Indian climate, food and water might take some time but why wait until then. It is advised to drink bottled water only while the food from streets should generally be avoided. Be careful with food and water in India, you’ll minimize the chances of getting sick while maximizing your enjoyment in India. For any assistance during the tour, our managers are just a call away!

Appropriate Dressing

The vibrant Indian culture and heritage has magnetizing quality which draws many tourists from overseas. The symbiotic relation between modernization and old customs is a delight to watch here. Where at one end we witness westernization, the other end showcases the rich value Indians live by. With temples at every corner in Varanasi, to mosque in Old Delhi; there are religious sites at most of the places here in India. These religious spots hold spiritual significance in Indian minds. It is essential to dress appropriate and abide by the customs at each religious spot. Further details for suitable dress up is mentioned in our ‘General Conditions.’

For Solo Woman Traveler

There are myths and facts about safety issues with women here in India. There is absolutely no doubt that everybody should visit to India. It’s a remarkable nation; that is bound to leave a traveler changed by their experiences. Exploring solo is a great way to do so. All it requires is certain precautions that may leave you baffled. Follow our ‘Blogs’ and get more assured ladies for Indians they are welcoming and love to share.

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