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West India incorporates four states – Ahmedabad, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa offering a diverse combination to its tourists. The land is a coalition of culture and contemporaneity with a wide miscellany of picturesque at hill stations of Khandala -Lonavala, and Mahabaleshwar to white sands of Rann of Kutch, from sacred pilgrimages such as Dwarka and Shirdi to desiccated world heritage site, Ajanta and Elora Caves. The Gateway of India and home to Bollywood, Mumbai proclaimed Victorian architecture built at the time of colonisation. The travelers cannot defy to have the abundance of scrumptious street snacks.The region is also prosperous in flora and fauna which can be discovered by the visitors at Dandeli National Park and undergo an escapading experience at Gir National park among the rare species such as desert cat, Asiatic Lion, Leopards and much more under natural habitat. Holiday package to Gujarat is necessitated by travelers as the land prosecutes its viewers in its lively fairs and festivals such as Navratri celebrated in the salty sands of the white Rann of Kutch which embodies the zestfulness among the people. The prosperity of the land is dignified in the form of Royal palaces such as Junagadh and visitors can comprehend the belief of locals on the religion at the land of Lord Krishna, Dwarka which is characterized as an epitome of abysmal placidity. Lastly the tiniest state of India with an influence of Portuguese culture, Goa is enriched with beaches offering its visitors a slumberous holiday on a beach with luscious seafood and escapading water sports. West India Tours lets you apprehend the vividness of land and its rich heritage and culture.

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Plan a slumberous vacation with best holiday package to West India Apprehend the chromatic purity of the Rann of Kutch and belief of people on the religion by planning a visit to West India. The land incorporates the Gateway of India, Mumbai renowned as the home of Indian cinema. The town exhibits the Victorian Architecture built by Britishers at the time of colonization. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are listed under world heritage site showcasing the life of Mahatma Buddha through carved sculptures and paintings. Goa is enriched with salty beaches promoting the negligent lifestyle with a glass of wine under vivacious sunshine. Plan a travel to West India with our proficient travel experts to get the optimum of your journey.