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Can you imagine a journey more thrilling than the holiday itself? Well, thank the Britishers for connecting entire India through a network of rail tracks which was initially built to transport goods from one place to another but now also used as a tool to indulge in a luxury travel experience. Indian luxury train holidays aim to give travelers a true and honest experience of India. The good news is that they are heavily supported by both state and central government. If you happen to have a soft spot for mountains, prefer to take the toy train from Kalka to Shimla. Also considered as the World Heritage site by UNESCO, this little toy train travels 96 Km upslope through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges. The journey is tad-bit slow but truly enchanting as one witnesses foggy meadows, steep pathways, and glorious mountains on the path. Do carry your handycam to save the highlights of the visual retreat that you witness on these rail journeys. For a truly exotic experience while traveling between two major metropolis of India, take Deccan Odyssey to indulge in a 5-star luxury. The opulently designed cabins will leave you awestruck and when you leave the train you will be taking back happy memories home. Other major names in luxury train travel are Maharaja Express from Delhi to Trivandrum, The Golden Chariot from Bangalore, and Royal Rajasthan on wheels that starts from Delhi. 

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For a traveler, train expeditions are more of a restorative experience. A sense of serenity and wonderment automatically dawns as you travel through some picturesque landscapes, witnessing the beauty of nature in all its colors. Truth to be told, Indian train journeys are a bit different experience altogether. Encapsulating the panoramic view of far off mountains, deep valleys, dense forests, and pitch black tunnels, some of the Indian railway routes are breathtakingly beautiful. Book our holiday packages for rail tours and get drenched in an enchantingly exotic experience as a rush of breeze glide through your face and tangled hairs leaving a sense of content and wonderment.