Kandy tour

Situated right in the heart of the teardrop of Indian Ocean, the bustling city of Kandy holds the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. Listed as a prominent world heritage site by UNESCO, Kandy is considered as a highly sacred place in the Buddhist world. For solitude aficionados a tour to Kandy can be a serene experience where they can reconnect and rediscover themselves amidst the majestic mountains and the lovely Bogambra Lake. Visit to the lush green tea plantations exuding an enigmatic aroma will satiate all your sensory desires. The sacred tooth relic situated inside the magnificent royal palace is yet another tourist draw of the city. The golden roofed temple is glorious and has an air of mystique about it. If that’s not enough then the deliciously smelling botanical gardens sporting spices of cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom are yet another visual delight. Located few kilometers outside the main city, the botanical garden houses almost 4000 different varieties of plant spices, medicinal herbs, palm trees, and orchids. For a wanderer Kandy is a paradise on planet earth as it presents Mother Nature in such a pristine manner. City dwellers, who are desperately looking out for a way to break the monotony of daily life, Kandy is a perfect getaway.  

Holiday package Kandy

Perpetually covered with mist-clinging clouds almost every day, Kandy skies are a sight to behold. Prime reason behind such awe-inspiring environment is that this small plateau city situated at the heart of Sri Lanka, which is surrounded by magnificent mountains. Famed Bogambra lake, sacred Buddhist sites, and the popular Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of tooth) speaks volumes about traditional Sri Lankan ethos. Boasting a true-hill country lifestyle, this small city has a simplistic and innocent charm to it. A Holiday in Kandy will make you learn how to cherish solitude and what’s it like to rest in the lap of Mother Nature.