Taj safaris packages

Do you have that unquenchable lust for the wild? Taj Safari tours are the perfect answer for your penchant for Indian forests. The pristine chain of hotels offers a chance for all nature lovers to go in the real world of “the jungle book”. The Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Panna National Park and Kanha National Park became inspiration of Rudyard Kipling to create the character of Mowgli and the world of Jungle Book. Taj Safari gives you the opportunity to create your own memories in this world. The day begins with jeep safari through the forest with a view of wild animals and the graceful Bengal Tigers. Children can indulge in the Young Naturalist Programme to learn jungle survival essentials. Later in the evening you can go for a walk while a naturalist will lead you to a fine space where you can star gaze on the vast sky till the time you want—even the entire night if you wish to. The silence and beauty of these forests will heal you mentally and emotionally and also make you realize that life is much more than following a daily routine. As it is said well, “Nature and time are the best healers”. Book your jungle safari with Taj Safari holidays.

Taj safari holidays

An eco- tour can do wonders in healing all the mental, physical and emotional stress you are off lately dealing with. A trek in the mountains or safari through the jungle may sound very tedious, but the end result is always one of pure ecstasy and renewal. For all the lovers of wilderness out there, Taj safaris offers a complete package of ecstasy and awe as you take a trip through those breathtakingly beautiful forests. Inspired from Rudyard Kipling’s iconic Jungle Book, Taj Safari is a tour packed with wonders. So what are you waiting for, book yourself for the taj safaris packages and allow yourself to be close to Mother Nature.