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Imagine spending a holiday on a beautiful lodge, located on the edge of Pench National Park, a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees and windy jungle streams—sounds interesting right?  Cottages are smack in the middle of trees, giving you a feel of being a part of Ruskin Bond’s Jungle Book. Luckily, the entrance of park is only a 5 mins drive from the Taj lodge, which means you are in complete proximity of the wildlife. Our exclusive Taj Baghvan wildlife resorts entails begining your day with a sumptuous breakfast on a private Verandah. Explore incredible Indian flora and fauna through exciting safaris twice a day. You can even opt to explore the jungle on elephant back! Hop into safari van and spend hours keeping your eyes glued on exclusive wildlife. Typically, Central Indian teak jungle, Pench supports a rich variety of wildlife, including the likes of tiger, leopard, wild dog, gaur, chital and a variety of birdlife. The parks open habitat lends well to wildlife unbelievable sight view. The animals are to blend in with their surroundings and if you blink, you may miss an amazing opportunity. There is just something so special about the Taj safari, the awe of seeing wild animals so close, the warmth of the tribes met along the way is a privilege that you can cherish for a lifetime. There is also a village nearby, where the guests can go and see how the villagers involve in the art of pottery making. It doesn't really matter where you stay in because you spend most of your time out in jungle and we at Bestway2India make sure that nothing slips from your list.  Relish dinner on a shaded deck overlooking the clear sky and enjoy sunset cocktails under the shade of a tree, while being entertained by a giant acrobatic squirrel. Children have a memorable vacation recreating the adventures of Mowgli of Jungle Book fame! We assure you an experience that resonates adventure in every possible way.

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Everything is special about a wildlife safari. You spend hours keeping your eyes open for the captivating view of flora and fauna. An intimate and charming planned trip with our exclusive Luxury Taj Safari Lodge in Baghvan brings out privilege into one’s life. Glide through deep jungles, mountains, savanna and the wonderful waterfalls and detoxify yourself in a healing natural environment. Situated a few kilometres away from the wildlife sanctuary, the hotel gives you every possible comfort to enjoy the Taj Safari and cherish the long-lasting memories of the Jungle. Your favourite animal encounter will be difficult to set as every sight in wonderful in itself. Explore our Baghvan Taj Safari packages now and be a part of a jingle, even it is for a few days.

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