Myanmar tour

Unlike its neighboring South East Asian countries, India, Laos, and Thailand; Myanmar is by far the only country in South East Asia which is firmly rooted in deep traditional values. Formerly known as Burma, the country is open for tourists for only 5 years and has seen a great amount of travelling crowd in a matter of few years. Having an aura of mysticism and enigma surrounding it, Myanmar is dotted with numerous temples, panoramic vistas, breathtaking water-falls and numerous Buddhist shrines. Our Burma holiday packages will take you to the most exclusive places to explore the country. The bustling cities of Napyidaw, and Mandalay have sprawling local markets and some great avenues to explore and luckily, these cities are far off from getting affected by the western culture. Locals are extremely warm and always happy to help you around. Almost 10 hours away from the city of Yangon, lies a small town known as Bagan, which has become some sort of an international tourist attraction off-lately. Dotted with hundreds and thousands of temples and pagodas, this small city encapsulates the essence of divinity. This one is undoubtedly a perfect place for reviving your inner photographer. Our Myanmar private tours also give you the leverage to explore the trip on a bike, which can be an altogether different experience.

Holiday package Myanmar

Often touted as ‘what SoutEast Asia used to be’, Myanmar envelops the true cultural ethos of entire South East Asia. Though the country is still on its way to develop better infrastructure, Myanmar provides the right kind of recreation that any true travel aficionado seeks. Our Myanmar holiday packages will give you a glimpse of what lives used to be in ‘good old days’. The rising pagodas, breathtaking water-falls, momentous mountains, and vast green farmlands will push you to reconnect with yourself once again. Don’t forget to munch on its exquisite vegetarian cuisine which is sure to satiate your taste buds.