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The capital city of Bangladesh is a densely populated territory making the land frothy and effusive. Dhaka encounters a helter-skelter day-after-day routine resulting in excessive consumption of time while traveling but once you hop on a fluorescent cycle rickshaw, the ride will make traveling a merriment activity and gradually you will get down to appreciate the enchantment of the city. The chaotic city life will seem heavenly once you will start apprehending the splendiferous street art and its vibrant colors. If you are fond of street or portrait photography, then you must visit Dhaka as the city will offer you innumerable frames and subjects.  Dhaka is loaded with historically significant and magnificent architectural work in form of Lalbagh Fort, Tara Masjid and Khan Mohammad Mridha fort representing the influence of Mughals on Bangladeshi art. The land has also preserved several temples and mosques attracting the devotees from around the world in search of serenity. The ancient Dhakeshwari temple serves as a center of Hindu practices in Dhaka. A vacation to Dhaka becomes even more cherishable with flavorsome Biryani and several types of kebabs. Contrive a tour to the land with the highest density of people with our best tour packages to Dhaka where our travel experts will be accountable for your comfort.

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Dhaka is the capital of the tiny land loaded with a high density of population equipped with their pell-mell of life making the city warm and sparkly. Plan a vacation to Dhaka and explore the magnificent architectural work recorded in the sovereignty of Mughal empire and Colonial rule. Parliament Building is one of the finest and glorious structures designed by a renowned American architect, Louis Kahn offering a pleasing landscape to its visitors. Apprehend the real helter-skelter of the land at Sadarghat river port where you can also savor the chaotic land from an unusual angle with our travel packages to Dhaka.

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