Special interest holidays in India

Imagine yourself in an exotic beach resort in Kerala getting some important culinary lessons from a world famous Chef or maybe up in the Himalayas getting some photography lessons. Not interesting? How about the quaint surroundings of Bodh Gaya practicing Yoga or maybe in a small town of Ranikhet learning gardening! Sounds interesting right! Well, travel combined with a passion of a hobby is a perfect combination. It is more or less taking two stress-busting pills at the same time. As we are already well aware of the fact that two passions are hard to pursue in today’s fast paced life, we have combined them both in the form of our special interest holidays to India. Education and learning while traveling is an exhilarating experience and that’s what we aim to provide through these out-of-the-box travelling packages. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing special interest tours of India and subcontinent and get to learn from the best chefs, photography teachers, Yoga instructors, and botanists. 
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Special Interest Tours in India

Some say traveling is food for soul while some describe it as an expression of reaching infinity. It does not matter if you are an avid traveler or not; taking a tour once in a while is important to break free from the monotony of life. And imagine a trip where you travel not just for the sake of sightseeing but also with the purpose of following your passion. Our special Interest tour packages in India are just meant for that. Whether you are a Yoga enthusiast, an artist you takes interest in pottery, a meditator, or an adventure junkie , Our special interest tours in India promise you to give you a soul-stirring experience worth cherishing for a lifetime!
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Cambodia Adventure

13 Days Private Tour

Explore Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Pehn, and learn more about the country’s history with a visit to the Killing Field...
Cambodia in Depth

12 Days Private Tour

With most stunning landscape explore Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Pehn, and learn more about the country’s history with...
Gangtey Gagona Trek

8 Days Private Tour

This trek of Phobjikha Valley at 3,000 m is one of the glacial valleys in Bhutan. It is chosen Home of the rare Black - ...

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