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Whether it is a family trip, small group of friends or a romantic adventure with your spouse, a jungle safari experience fits all. If you are not living under the rock then you can easily recall how Mowgli used to glide from one branch to another through those widely wild jungles; some of the best wildlife experiences in India, if not similar then somewhat just like that.To like or dislike jungles is a choice but to ignore India’s lavish green belle is no choice. Deep tropical forests of Sunderbans, jeep safari in Ranthambore, and elephant rides in Jim Corbett National Park is something that enchant national and international visitors towards India every year. For those of you who have a penchant for marsh lands, rough terrains, and a desire to see exotic wildlife, Chitwan National Park in Nepal is an ultimate drawcard. Listed amongst one of the prominent world heritage sites, this national park has more than 500 varieties of Birds and animals. Other must visit sites are Bandipur National Park in Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, Periyar reserves in dense,fertile lands of Kerala, and Bandhavgrah national park in Madhya Pradesh. The best wildlife experience in India combines meditative aura of the jungle with the screeching voice of wildlife making the entire experience extremely healing and regenerating. Once you are on the jeep be ready to witness a herd of deers or elephants in the corner, sly crocodiles, eagles expanding their gigantic wings in the sky and if you are lucky, you will also see the great royal bengal tiger in the Sunderban reserves.
Embarking on an Indian Safari is like booking yourself for a trip full of surprises and heart-warming thrills. Displaying raw beauty in all its glory, jungles in India narrate a beautiful story that needs to be witnessed and cherished with all your senses.
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Falling right on the equator and blessed with seasonal rains and gusty winds, India is well renowned for its diversity in flora and fauna. Be it the marshy lands of east, mammoth mountain ranges of north or the tropical forests of Kerala and other South Indian states, India has everything to offer to a person who likes to take on a thrilling Jungle Safari trip. With almost 733 protected areas dedicated to the preservation of Jungles, Indian Forest department takes preservation and sustenance of Indian jungles very seriously. If that is not enough, you can explore the countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Laos, and Malaysia to witness glorious Flora and Fauna in all its majesty. Book our Forests tours in India and Far East to delve deep within the divinity of Jungles.
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