Activity Level

All of our tours feature Activity Level icons which guides about the level of challenge you can expect to encounter while travelling on our holidays. All of our itineraries have been scaled to make sure you find the best tour for you. The information below explains what each activity level means, so you can make sure you find the right tour for you.


Designed for travelers who are in good health and can comfortably indulge in activities involving strolling around for at least half a day. Tours under this category are within a city and engages short commute days.

Mobility on flat terrains, museum visits, local markets are basic inclusions of tours at easy level.


Physically fit travelers who are capable enough with longer days of touring in coaches as well as on foot can take up tours graded as moderate. Hopping cities and indulging in outdoor activities are inclusions of these tours.

City center visit, river cruises and shorter train routes are incorporated at moderate level.


Tours drafted for travelers with active lives and do not object indulgence in activities with fair amount of physical exertion. An active itinerary of full day excursion with longer commutes is scaled as moderately active.

With touring at higher altitudes, safaris, hiking, overnight train journeys and itineraries moving at faster pace are under this level


With limited leisure hours, travelers with high fitness levels expecting intense movement opt for tours with active rating. Trailing down to distant areas to fill in the curiosity along with long commute hours are included in tours graded at level 4.

Trekking, kayaking, bicycling at mixed terrains are few of the sports scheduled under tours at level 4.


Travelers looking to challenge themselves physically and want itinerary moving at an active pace should take up tours scaled at level 5. With movement to remote areas with very difficult terrains and staying in tents forms the inclusion for level 5 tours.

Bicycling over ascends/descends with higher elevation, various other outdoor activities like rafting (with class IV/V rapids) and hiking are incorporated at this level.


Extreme altitude and tethering weather, those looking for testing their wild instincts can take up tour graded as tough. Movement to unexplored or unmarked trails with accommodation in tents forms the base of itineraries at level 6.

Climbing up high elevations with usage of proper gears under supervision is the major highlight of tours at level 6.


Designed for adventure seekers who are looking for a high adrenaline rush throughout the tour. Experienced and well versed with the pace of movement, tours under tough + is only crafted for certified experts.

Steep mountain climbing with long hours of walk on rough terrain under extreme weather conditions is what which makes tours at this level tough +.

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