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For city dwellers, Laos is some sort of a paradise as the country showcases some stunning views that is sure to take you away from the killing monotony of daily life. Giving a feel of ‘back-in-time’, the country has an enigmatic atmosphere which is deeply rooted in Buddhist culture. For thrill seekers and adventure junkies, Laos is a place to be. There are several tour companies in Laos that provide exciting motorbike expedition through rugged terrains and mountain roads. A ride through mysterious and dark Konglor Cave will give you a thrilling and terrifying experience that you have been craving for a long time. Lao’s breathtaking waterfalls are yet another thing to relish when you travel. The country is practically a waterfall wonder that gives you an opportunity to indulge in adventures like bungee jumping and river rafting. Do not forget to explore and swim the cascading pools of Kuang Si Waterfall near Luang Prabang. The experience is sure to give you the chills of a fairytale. Local people are extremely warm and traditional who are always ready to show you around. Miles away to be influences of western world, Loas is a country that values nature and peace above all. 
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Showcasing lovely Limestone Mountains, tropical dense forests, and some breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, Laos is a country for adventure seekers. Rooted deep in its traditional ethnicity, this small island country boasts most scenic rivers, numerous caves, and a fairytale landscape which is picturesque by any standard. Our Indo-china tour packages will take you to some beautiful corners of this small country which is sprinkled with jagged limestone cliffs, Mekong rivers, lovely brooding jungles and some traditional shrines. Summed up rightly in its national slogan: “simply beautiful”, Laos is truly a paradise on this planet.
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