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Chitwan is an Eden for wildlife admirers offering an incomparable experience to apprehend the lifestyle of elephants closely along with witnessing extant of the rare single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and diversity in spices with several mammals, fishes, birds, amphibians, and reptiles being a constituent of the UNESCO’s world heritage list. The exotic national park is situated near Sauraha town fortunate with glorious landscapes as the territory is located near Narayani river which is the third largest river of Nepal enriched with Sal forests and also associated with Terai Community. Tour to Chitwan revolves around activities including Elephants such as Elephant safari in which the comradely giant mammal offers a whirly secure ride to halcyon woods. The travelers can also luxuriate bathing with elephants which is one of the most exhilarating activity at Sauraha. Apart from elephants, the visitors can also drift through a jeep safari, canoe ride, jungle walk and bird watching where the traveler gets even contiguous to nature and identify the existence of assorted species in their natural habitat. Another famed activity in Sauraha is Tharu Cultural program lasting for 45 minutes propagating ethical awareness through several forms of dances such as Danda Nach(stick dance), Mayur Nach (Peacock dance) and Ago dance (fire dance). Explore the exotic wildlife and never-ending beauty of nature with our Holiday Packages to Chitwan-Nepal.

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The wildlife enriched land has expeditiously poised the beauty of natural habitat and jaunt facilities. With an abundance of an implausible number of species, the Chitwan national park is a paradise for animal buffs. The relishable Tours to Chitwan comprises of several merriments involving chummy elephants, witnessing the rare single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and Bengal Tigers, testifying the slacking crocodiles at Bish Hazari Lake and also apprehend the glorious Tharu civilization appreciating their Cultural program including several forms of dance. Chitwan national park has been listed as world heritage site by UNESCO and has adequate sites to make your travel to Chitwan unforgettable.

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