Taj Safari Lodge in Mahua Kothi

With its towering ancient trees, enchanting chorus of forest birds, and herds of gentle chital, this is a travel experience provided by BestWay2India unlike any other. Mahua Kothi is among the first venture of Taj Safari Lodge in India with a unique and wonderful safari experience. The Lodging and utilities of the lodge combines amusingly within the urban surroundings. Enjoy a lavish breakfast during your morning safari, picnic lunches under the beautiful mahua trees and ‘chowki’ rooftop dinners under a beautiful star-strewn sky. Other than the restaurant, guests have the option to take pools side lunch, at nearby water hole, at lounge, one can dine under the Mahua tree and can also enjoy at private courtyard gazing ancient trees. Indian breads ‘rotis’ are cooked at Taj Mahua Kothi in the most traditional way, and the smoky fragrance of the food prepared on local chulha are a few of the features worth enjoyable. Adults and children hone their spotting skills on twice-daily jungle safaris in specially designed open 4x4 vehicles, on nature trails or elephant back. Often travellers try their hand at traditional Indian games like marbles and ‘chaupad’ for a typically Indianized recreation. Unfurl with a blissful in-room Ayurvedic massage! Indulge yourself. Children have a memorable vacation recreating the adventures of Mowgli of Jungle Book fame! We assure you an amazing experience that reverberates adventure in every possible way.  We invite you to Luxury Taj Safari Lodge in Mahua Kothi to experience the unparalleled beauty of the jungles of the Indian subcontinent.

Mahua Kothi Taj Safari Lodge packages

Spread across 40 acres of lush forestland, the exotic Mahua Kothi offers 12 charming suites or ‘kutiyas’ and an accommodating, original homestead ‘kothi’. Built in a charming, indigenous style architecture, each air-conditioned kutiya can be accessed through a private courtyard. Enjoy daily safaris with trained naturalists who impart precise knowledge of every inhabitant of the forests, and every alcove and pathway of wilderness. Offering a never-before-experienced Indian wildlife circuit, awash with both adventure and unlike any safari experience in the country so far. A private courtyard, with its amazing seating, opens to each of the twelve luxury cottage suites. The trained staff at the lodge provide personalized care and consideration to all guests. This beautiful place serves several appetizing wonderful foods cooked with fresh local ingredients, fruits and veggies grown in its backyards. The ancestral cooking and dining customs and peculiar village traditions create never-before dining experiences at Taj Mahua Kothi, and gives each guest as much of contentment. Book Taj Safari Lodge in Mahua Kothi now!

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