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Be it strutting the local streets of Delhi, having a boat-ride at river banks of Varanasi, exploring the tropical sunderbans, ogling at the lovely tea-plantations of Assam, or escaping into the beauty of majestic Himalayas, a bespoke tour to India allows you to explore things at your own pace. Our personalized holidays to India are specifically designed for travel aficionados who like explore exotic locations like Thar desert of Rajasthan, shimmering beaches of maldives, or the mystic landscape of Varanasi. A tailor made vacation to India will give you the leverage to choose hotels, transportation facilities, culinary preferences and of course, the number the number of days as per your requirement. Whether you are a solo-backpack traveler, a hopelessly romantic couple, or a family guy, our tailor made journeys to India is sure to make your traveling experience a backpack of cherished lifelong memories.
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Picking a preferred location is the very first thing you do while embarking on a journey. Based on your interest , our custom trip planner will help you pick the most exotic locations in India , Sub -Continent and the South East Asia. From the shimmering mighty himalayas to the forlorn beaches of goa, we give you a detailed and precise description of your desired destination. Plug in and prepare yourself for a fascinating journey to India, lovely pink city of Jaipur, the serene beauty of Kerala, mighty river banks of Varanasi, mesmerizing north east and of course, exotic locations of Cambodia, Maldives, Thailand, and other places in South-East Asia and Indian subcontinent

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Truth to be told, right timing is the key to plan a memorable trip. It is simply not feasible to enjoy the lovely beaches goa in scorching summers for May-June or head to the majestic mighty Himalayas at the peak of winters. Our custom trip planner help you pick a favourable date for your journey and plan it in entirety as per your requirements. Enjoy your personalized holidays with your tailor made journeys.

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Travelling is an awesome experience and it becomes even better when you have an accommodation that suit your standards. For an ideal and heart-cherishing holidays browse through our custom tours and mesmerizing accommodation choices. Be it the splendid five-star hotels of Udaipur, trek-camps of Uttarakhand, serene monasteries of Myanmar, or the astounding in-house boat accommodations of Kashmir, Bestway2india helps you pick an accommodation that suits your personal taste without putting much pressure on your pocket..

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What is a tour without munching on some toothsome local culinary delights? Weather be it the Daal-baati churma of Rajasthan, enticing kawa of Kashmir, piping-hot idlis of Tamil Nadu, Thupka of Assam, or the amazing Khandwi and Dhokla of Gujraat, every place holds its cultural ethos in its cuisines. Our custom tour planner helps you have a taste of all local delights by guiding you through some amazing restaurants and unexplored local shops. Weather you have a penchant for fine dining or just strolling through the local shops, Bestway2india designs a lovely tailor-made journey, full of mesmerizing culinary variety.

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Ease of transportation saves you from the toll of getting tired, especially when you have so many places to visit. Since all of us are not blessed with a well-toned athletic body, Bestway2india designs custom tours that seamlessly connect you with various transportation systems that give you a perfect tour of desired destinations. Pick a local transport or a luxurious SUV as per your budget to binge-watch various exotic sites of your bespoke vacation.

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Every dedicated travel aficionado, needs a professional private guide to make their journey more meaningful and cherished one. There are things, that travel books simply can’t compensate and here is where a local private guide helps you out. Our custom tours help you connect with professional local guides that effortlessly merge you with the history and culture of that place. After all, a vacation is much more than a sight-seeing. It is more about getting mesmerized and a have a full-fledged experience of what that place truly stands for. Guides can take care of your personal needs and understand what is the motivation behind travel, which also saves a lot of time! .

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The essence of traveling doesn't lie in gliding from one place to another. It is more about exploring, reconnecting, and fathoming deep within that place. Our tailor-made journeys are filled with fun-loving activities to give you a full-fledged experience of your bespoke vacations. Be it bicycling on Shimla’s ring road, trekking on Rishikesh’s enchanting trails, Kayakaying at suderbans or bungy-jumping at Goa, these adventure activities will fulfill your heart and soul. In case you are more of a laid-pack traveler, our exclusive spa-treatments and cooking classes are there for you.

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Every traveler needs a tad-bit of extra care to enjoy their traveling experience to full-potential. Bestway2india ensures that you get the attention you truly deserve. Our custom tour planner makes sure you get full leverage of personal services such as a luxury taxi, medical care in case of emergency, a luxury stay at hotel, or personalized meal for that matter. Browse through our exclusive personalized services and book yourself for a soul-stirring experience..

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A trained private escort can handle multiple travelling hassles. No matter, how well-planned your perfect vacation is, you need someone to carry extra bags, ask for directions, and medicinal help in some cases. Our custom tour planner gives you the facility to hire a private escort to look after all your extra travelling dilemmas. A private escort will help you seamlessly manage hotel check-ins and check-outs, baggages, help you connect with private local guide and all the other things you are looking for.

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