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Wishing for a coastal trip with a tinge of spiritual aura mixed into it—Varkala is the place to go! Also known as “ Kashi of south” Varkala is that one rare junction where you can find best of the both worlds. As per the local legends, a dip in the Papanasham or Varkala beach will set you free from your karmic bagages and so is the Ayurveda treatment centers around this beach as it is believed that the water of this particular beach is capable of healing skin diseases! On contrary to it, Bekal beach and Varkala cliff is one perfect spot to witness a captivating sunset. To satisfy the inner foodie in you, cafes on the shore line offer seafood with world class ambience.
Another attraction of this little paradise is 2,018 years old Janardhana Swami temple, a very prominent Vaishnavite shrine and the reason why this village is called Dakshin kashi (Kashi of south). The temple is adorned with an ancient bell offered by a Dutch captain after his ship sank near Varkala without any causality. It is often said that a trip to Varkala is incomplete without a visit to this shrine. If you are looking for more quieter and meditative surroundings, pay a visit to the serene Kappil lake, situated 6 kilometers away from the village. This non-populous, serene, and picturesque lake dotted with coconut groves has a mystic beauty that will make you forget about the worries of life. Monsoon in Kerala is said to be the best time to visit this lake with boats taking you through the full stretch of it. Make a visit to this little paradise in South India with our holiday packages to Kerala.

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It is a scientifically proven fact that holidaying a few days around beach can heal a person mentally, physically and emotionally. It has the ability to regenerate ones spirit and make them feel more positive and enthusiastic about life. And which is precisely the reason why we ask you to imagine a holiday in a small quaint village of Kerala with sea-green Arabian Sea waters by the side—this is what perfectly describes the beauty of Varkala. Marked by lines of coconut groves, and awe-inspiring cliffs, Varkala coastal line defines the beauty of Kerala in a uniquely charming way. In case you are done with sunbathing around the beach, you can take a tour to 2000 year old Janardhana Swamy temple, the famous lighthouse built by the Britishers, Ayurvedic spas and hippy cafes to explore more. Book your tickets to “Kashi of south” with our travel packages for Kerala.

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