Lakshadweep islands tour packages

Cease the day with our exclusive Lakshadweep beach holiday package and feed your soul the freshness of ocean breeze, visual treat of palm trees, salty air and sun kissed hair. Lakshadweep, literally meaning "Hundred Thousand Islands”, is a tropical archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea, off the coast of Kerala (state in India). Kavaratti, one of the more developed islands, is home to dozens of mosques, including the ornately decorated Ujra Mosque, as well as Kavaratti Aquarium, showcasing regional fish, shark and coral species. Signature attractions of the place are its coconut trees, secluded beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. Besides scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing, divers get an only chance to explore the 18th century, Princess Royal shipwreck at the Bangaram island. The sea water here is crystal clear, almost like a glass ceiling offering a breathtaking view of colourful coral life underneath. Glass-bottom boat tours for tourists are available to enjoy this astounding experience. Beach holiday to Lakshadweep is the closest to nature that a human could be. Travellers can dig in to the ethereal beauty of the sea as the night embeds and the first rays of the sun signal a new dawn. With the place still being unexploited, islands with practically no criminal records, Lakshadweep is a lifetime experience and the only souvenir one can take back home, besides lots of pictures.

Lakshadweep tour packages

As they say that the best memories are made at the beach, we say travel to Lakshadweep this season and book yourself for a breathtaking visual treat. Once at the island, the list of exploration is endless. The Myriad cornucopia of aquatic life, fabulous resorts, villages and mosques, collectively contribute in making this place a tourist hotspot. Ocean water feels like glass and words fail to describe the calmness of the sea, the colours of corals and the formation of lagoons.Open sea with no ship or boat around to the extent the eyes could reach, one can see dolphins, turtles, corals and fishes. An array of as many as 36 different islands, Lakshadweep also boasts of the oldest lighthouse, built in the 19th century, that stands tall at the Minicoy island, with a mesmerising view from the top. Water sports lovers are in for a surprise with scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking offered at almost all the islands. Lakshadweep island tour is the exact getaway for your mind and soul right now. Book a beach vacation at Lakshadweep and explore a voyage in all its glory.

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