Swaswara gokarna holiday

Defined as ‘inner voice’ in local language, Swaswara is a perfect beach retreat for people who take special interest in Yoga, relaxation, meditation, and spa treatments. Adorned with acres of coconut groves and paddy fields, this place will give you sense of immense sanity and relaxation that you have been searching for a long while. Spend the lazy afternoons on ‘OM’ beach followed by a bonfire party in the evening where you can spend some quality time with your friends. An important part of famed beaches of Gokarna, Swaswara has a mystical vibe to it that makes seasoned travel aficionados flock to this place. Our tour package for Gokarna also includes visit to famed Mahabaleshwar Temple where you will get the opportunity to surrender in the humbling embrace of a majestic Shiva Linga. Built in typical Dravidian style, this Shiva Temple narrates some majestic allegory of yester era. To satisfy the inner explorer in you take a stroll through the rocky beaches of this quaint town and experience the freshness of a laidback lifestyle—perhaps one of the best thing to do while you are in Swaswara. A Gokarna beach tour is more or less like making a pact with Mother Nature. When you take a sunbath at the “OM” beach or take a night stroll on the cool sand on Nirvana beaches then you will realize that there is much more to life that Mother Nature pampers us with.       

Swaswara gokarna tour packages

Think of a long-haul vacation spent in the lap of Mother Nature—this is what a beach tour to Gokarna is all about. The literal meaning of the word “SwaSwara” is inner voice and being true to its very name, a holiday at this peaceful beach will help you discover inner peace that you have been longing for so long. The regenerating beaches of Gokarna dotted with magnetic blue sky above will help you release, refocus, rejoice, and recalibrate your life once again. A visit to the silent ‘OM’ beach will help you get back to the rhythm of life once again. The chirping of birds, rolling of ocean waves, and rustling breeze will sent you to a trance of meditative inner exploration. Crafted with colors of nature and Mother Earth a trip to Gokarna is worth it if you like to rejoice in inner silence.

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