Holiday Package to Jaipur Literature Festival

Since its inception in 2008, Jaipur litreture festival has slowly become an international phenomenon. Its popularity has only grown multifold with passage of time and to such an extent that every year it welcomes thousands of book lovers and knowledge enthusiasts. But this year, JLF is a bit special as its going to be crimson with shades of the Maha Kumbh Festival. Holding history of miracles and voyages from this legendary festival, JLF2018 will be hosting some of the most prominent contemporary writers from all over the world. Rupi Kaur, the very famous British poetess will be reading excerpts from her bestseller The Sun and her Flowers. Question answer session with Michael Ondaatje. The evenings are often followed by Sufi or ghazal nights and later you can go for Star Gazing sessions and we assure you that desserts have most starry skies. JLF is considered a total delight for lovers of literature and if by chance you are lit student, JLF is a must to attend. Book your trip to JLF2018 with our Jaipur literature festival tour packages.

Jaipur literature festival tour

Are you a literature freak? A dedicated book worm or just a casual reader? Even if you have no inkling penchant for novels and writers, Jaipur Literature festival will make you fall in love with the world of literature. Considered a global literature festival , this fest attracts delegates and tourists from all over the globe. Not only will there be writers from all around the world but if you have a love for theater? Voila! It is absolutely your place to be in. With Rajasthani colors, music and dances creating a symbiotic ambience between modern and traditional flavors of the city, this will give you a chance to see the otherwise boring world of the books with an interesting twist. So what is the wait for? Book yourself for JLF 2018 with our Jaipur literature fest tour packages.

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