Udaipur mewar festival tour

The zestful Mewar festival of Udaipur marks the beginning of spring and celebrated with great enthusiasm and euphoria by all communities in the region. For a traveller who has a penchant for witnessing various cultural traditions, booking our exclusive Udaipur Mewar fest tour packages becomes a must. Though, the state of Rajasthan has moved along with the changing world but there is something about its air and soil that reminds you of the time of ancient Rajputs and that’s also evident in the city of Udaipur. Completely drenched in the colors of festivities, the city looks like a newly wed Indian bride during the Mewar festival. Taking a tour through local markets adorned with lamps and beautiful fairy lights is bound to dazzle you. Interestingly, the Mewar festival also coincides with the Gangaur festival that is very special to womenfolk in Rajasthan as it gives them a chance to dress and look beautiful unlike many other regular days. We strongly suggest you to book our Udaipur Mewar fest tours now if you happen to be an admirer of history and culture.

Mewar Festival in Udaipur

Marked by the advent of spring, the lovely Mewar festival of Udaipur is a celebrative extravaganza of art, culture, and tradition. Through our exclusive Udaipur Mewar fest tours we aim to give not only a tour around the city but also take our customers to places that are seldom visited by people. Since the festival is an integral part of Udaipur’s culture, people from various communities come together to make it a celebrative euphoria. The city shines like a newly wed bride in colors of yellow, red, pink, and green during this time of the year and witnessing these grand celebrations is like booking yourself for a celebrations you have not seen in a long while.

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