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Nagaur Festival is one of the most magnificent cattle fair in the country. This euphoric celebration awakens with the thronging of cattle, horses and camels accompanied by their colourfully turbaned owners. The cattle festival witnesses an astounding two lakh ten thousand animals including horses, cows, bullocks, oxen and camels gathered at the cattle fair for the purpose of trade. Counting more than 25,000 camels on display, this festive celebration showcases how even the smallest things like barter is done with such festive fervour in Rajasthan. In fact the sheer volume of trading is stupefying to the first time visitors. The most outstanding thing to watch in the festivals is the local people in their traditional multihued attire, particularly the women. Supplemental activities held at the fair include: Tug of War, Camel races, Bullock Races, Cock fights, Juggling Puppet, Dances, Camp Fire and Story Telling. The bullocks of Nagaur are famed for their fitness and attract a large number of buyers. Late, after the sundown, folk music and dance performances that add more charm to the celebrations. By all means Nagaur’s red-chilly market or “Mirchi Bazaar” as it is conventionally referred to in the local manner of speaking is the largest in Asia. Nagaur is well linked with road and rail to all major cities. This festival is celebrated with a lot of passion and gusto among the people and tourist flock to this place to witness the magnetism this euphoric celebration. Book our exclusive Nagaur fair tour packages now and be a part of festive voyage.

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Rajasthan is a land of fairs and festivals. It is perhaps the only state in entire India that has successfully retained its traditional ethos in this highly globalized world. These festivals are an integral part of Rajasthan’s fabric and each one of them have a unique significance, one such festival is Nagaur Festival, Nagaur. This one is a Cattle Festival, which is held annually in the period between January-February in the quaint Rajput town of Nagaur. A small town located in between Jodhpur and Bikaner. Nagaur festival is one of the most famous attractions of Rajasthan and is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. A singing and dancing show meant to be held over a period of four days continues for eight long days. The fair is famed for trading in cows, bullocks, camels and horses, which is an altogether different experience when you witness in real life. The fair entails buyers and owners making a solemn agreement, which is then followed by plenty of fun and festivity. The camels are highly prized and their owners take diligent care of them. Bullocks of Nagaur are acclaimed for their fitness and lure a large number of buyers. Book our Nagaur fair and festival packages now to witness you barter was done in ancient Rajasthan.

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