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Jodhpur Riff is India's only musical and cultural festival in India that imbibes an old-world charm in its fabric. The fest spans over a time period of 5 days and celebrates ancient Rajasthani folk music in a way that you have ever witnessed before. Mehrangarh brings in more than 200 artists from around the world to keep this blissful party going till late in night—something, a true traveling and cultural enthusiast always seeks to experience. The daytime is reserved for interactive conversations between artists and general audience to make ideas, music, and learning flow in a seamless fashion. RIFF invites famed local artists from all the Rajasthani communities, making it a very fertile space for young talent to grow and showcase their talent. Besides making you a part of this cultural extravaganza, our Jodhpur Riff festival tour packages includes taking you to the tour of the lovely fort and the city of Jodhpur. The mesmerizing Mehrangarh Fort has been awarded ‘Asia’s Best Fort’ by the TIME magazine and opens doors to a musical voyage that you cannot miss to be a part of. Interestingly, the festival has also been endorsed by UNESCO as a "Peoples" Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development." Dance, Sing, Sway, Chant along Indian artists collaborating with other cultural artists. Also, don’t forget to gorge on Baajre Ka Sogra, Kabuli, Chandaliya Sabji, as you sway through a blissful experience. In recent years RIFF has successfully included brilliant sessions like dancing boot camps and inviting artists from adjoining states to make it a more democratic space. Book our Jodhpur Riff fest tours now to embark on a soul-stirring musical journey.

Jodhpur riff tour packages

The iconic Jodhpur Riff festival is all about a series of mind-blowing performances featuring folk artists from around the world accompanied by an upbeat audience. A perfect blend of music, dance, and culture, this euphoric experience is something that an avid traveler cannot afford to miss. Besides being popular for its palaces, museums and astounding lakes, Jodhpur is also known for this blissful cultural extravaganza that attracts tourists from all around the world. We at Bestway aim to give our customers a mesmerizing traveling experience through our exclusive Jodhpur Riff fest tours. Set yourself to a royal feast while strolling around the rugged streets and local markets showcasing antique Rajasthani souvenirs. Jodhpur RIFF has something for everyone. The fest will make you feel that innate belongingness to folk culture and the mesmerizing beauty of the city.

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