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Shiva and Shakti are the representatives of masculine and feminine energies in the entire cosmos as per Hindu culture. On the occasion of Haryali Teez, which comes with the onset of monsoonal rains in Northen and western part of India, it is believed that Shakti, being in love with Shiva, finally attained his courtship on the particular “teethi” (date according to Hindu calendar) the victory of her unprecedented love is celebrated by paying respect to all the women out there through this particular festival. In some regions of Rajasthan, young maidens are worshipped and married women are gifted with “symbols of suhag” like vermillion, bangles and red sarees. In regions of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana, one can witness skies filled with multicolored kites and fairs full of lights and colors. Women adorned in their best getups getting henna done of their hands and legs, if you are girl you can be one of them too! Forts in Jodhpur and Jaipur are decorated every year on the occasion of Teej and one can also witness the true Rajput local dance “Ghoomar” on this occasion. These sculpted beauties dancing in their flowing Ghoomar skirts is one site to behold. Do not forget to carry your DSLR to capture these moments. Book your trip to these places by choosing our teej festival tour package.

Teej festival tour package

Celebrated on the onset of monsoon, Teej is one festival widely celebrated in north and western parts of India. The day is celebrated for the power of devotion and love. Female deities in Hindu culture have always been considered an epitome of beauty, power and love, thus one can safely say that this festival is a celebration of Indian woman. In some places of Rajasthan and Punjab, unmarried girls are worshipped and adorned with jewels and accessories to celebrate the victory of Shakti to attain Shiva finally as her husband. The places which are a must visit during teej season are Jaisalmair, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Jodhpur. Book our teej fair tour packages and explore the Indian festivities to make your trip soul-stirring.

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