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Persian architecture with Rajasthani culture amalgamated into its fabric; lovely food market with sufi qawwalis soothing your ears in the daylight. Sounds interesting? This is what defines Dargah of Ajmer Sharif! Often touted as the epitome of devotion and divinity, the Dargah witnesses thousands of visitors every single day. Built as the tombstone of Moinuddin Chishti, the dargah is the place to sit, contemplate and take refuge in the bliss of its divine aura. The dargah has a water source inside it which was then in the old times used as a source of water and now used for ritual purposes. Main attraction is the ritual of ‘roshnee’ in which they light up candles all around the dargah 15 minutes before offering their Persian prayers to the divine. Inside the dargah is a silver gate called jannati darwaza which is opened only four times in a month. It is said that emperor Akbar and his wife used to visit this dargah every year on foot to offer their prayers for a son, later the dargah was reconstructed by Shah Jahan, making it look much more glorious. There are various heavenly places to be visited nearby the dargah. Make your trip with our  ajmer holiday package and add a divine flavor to your visit to India this time.

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The dargah of ajmer sharif holds an enchantingly divine aura that we have often witnessed in many Bollywood films. Whether it is a hindu or a muslim, theist or an atheist, the place will surely make you experience what people call godliness. Located in Ajmer, Rajasthan the dargah was built in the memory of great sufi saint, Moinuddin chishti, who was believed to be an heir of Prophet Mohammad. Built by Mughal Emperor Humayun, the dargah has been revamped several times due to which it has very much lost its Persian look to it. It is believed that the dargah holds wish granting powers as whatever you wish for with pure heart and good intentions will be fulfilled here. If you have a desire, pack your backpack and be on the go to ajmer with our Ajmer travel package.

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