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Whether you are a business tycoon, a film personality, an elite, or some common individual looking for a bit of fun in life, the luxury cruise tours from Bestway offer you a great luxury holiday experience that you have been looking for all this while. Offering round the clock services and some amazing luxury amenities, these luxury cruises promises you taking to a ‘fairyland’ that you have only dreamt off. Be it the Kerala backwaters cruise that showcases the beauty of Kerala in all its glory or the Suderbans cruise that takes you to some of the most pristine beaches and islands creeks afloat with rich flora and fauna, these luxury cruise holiday packages in India offer everything best. Another major stunner in the line of luxury cruises is Oberoi Motor Vessel cruise that takes you through the Alleppey waters in Kerala popularly known as the “Venice of the East”. Dotted with lovely rice paddy fields with date palm leaves on the borderline, this is a stunning view you can’t afford to miss at least from a luxury cruise. Our luxury cruise tours perfectly blend natural vistas with modern amenities—something worth cherishing and keeping as a memory!

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Sometimes even a small look at the ocean can fill you up with immense gratitude and joy; isn’t cruising in it in a nice luxury cruise with all the modern amenities would be worth it? Of course it will be. The luxury cruise holiday packages in India from Bestway offer you some amazing adventures in the running water that you have only dreamt off. Explore the vastness of the ocean with our luxury cruise holidays and be a witness to the best experience of your life.

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