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If you are lucky enough to travel India then there is one dilemma that you have to face during your entire stay—the sheer variety of options out there to explore! Known for its unprecedented diversity, India is a place that needs a lot of time to be explored and absorbed. And if you happen to be a history buff then grand palaces of India should be on your top priority. Talking about grand palaces, the list is simply incomplete without the mention of lovely Jaipur and Udaipur palaces. Our grand palace tours and packages in India will take you to the lovely Udaipur Villas and the haunted Bhangarah Palace; while the first one is known for its lovely architecture with scintillating Aravali hills in the backdrop, the later is a ruined token of an ancient folklore. Also you will get to travel the lovely Red Fort and Qutub Minar in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra, Mysore Palace in Mysore, Wildflower hall in Shilma, and Fernhills royal palace in Ooty. Though most of them belong to the Mughal era, some of them have a history British colonial time and ancient India. Book our grand palace holidays in India to witness the royalty of ancient India.

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For many travelers, a country like India is more like an enigma and of course, it has to be! Adorned with some astonishing landscapes and ruled by some of the most celebrated dynasties, the regality and beauty of this country is unmatched. Sprinkled with beautiful grand palaces built by some of the most majestic rulers of yester era, these grand palaces narrate the lores of its glorious past. Some are avidly visited by tourists, some are turned into luxury hotels and some are known for its haunted stories. Our popular grand palace tours in India aim to take you to all these lovely places to witness the glory of that time. Book our Grand palace holiday packages in India and explore a journey that blends history and glory together.

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