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The land of Rajasthan beholds history, art, culture, and ecstatic music in its fabric. Annually falling in the month of February, the Desert Festival of Rajasthan takes place in the city of Jaisalmer where it is celebrated with an untainted sense of zeal and enthusiasm. The festival marks the beginning of the month Magh as per Hindu calendar and the festivities start three days prior to the full moon. We at Bestway2India work hard to make our customers feel the part of festivities and through our Desert festival Jaisalmer packages in India we make sure we give our customers the best possible experience. The best thing about Jaisalmer Desert festival is that it is celebrated amidst the lovely Thar desert where one can enjoy the musical and cultural extravaganza that takes place for full three days. As per local legends, it is believed that it is the same place where a Hindu deity called Krishna set his kingdom on the hilltop of Trikuta. The musical and dance extravaganza narrate the allegory of this particular local legend. In fact, in year 1196, King Rawal Jaiswal belonging to the Yadav clan established his kingdom over here. This particular incident marked the beginning of festivities in local area that are celebrated till date. Our Desert festival tours are worth exploring and cherishing as they define a small part of the glory of this vast nation.

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Bustling with folk tunes, festivities, and people dancing in colorful traditional clothes, the vibrant city of Jaisalmer describes the true Rajasthani culture in all its essence. Spraying colors and festivities all around, we aim to drench our customers in the euphoria of true culture of Rajasthan through our sand festival Jaisalmer desert camp packages. Welcoming global spectators from all around the world, the lovely Thar Desert of Rajasthan is a beauty to behold and should be kept deep within the heart. Make it a permanent part of your travel diaries by getting hold of our packages at Bestway2India

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