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Sri-Lanka is perhaps amongst the few countries in the world that has the legacy of being a sacred place for multiple religions. The country brims with spirit of diversity and this can be easily witnessed in is culture and festivals. The festival of Durutha Maha marks the celebrations of New Year and the first day is called the Uda Maluwe Perahera, a low-key pageant with a few participants that circles the upper precincts of the temple three times and then retreats. Over 50 elephants sway majestically, clothed in the brightest colours, its fabric being embroidered in gold and silver. As the majestic elephant passes, the crowd stand hushed in reverential fervour and all the sacred object of their faith come into the view; some fall onto their knees, some stay transfixed to the image, some give voice to their fervour with the cry of ‘sadhu, sadhu' renting the night air; but all raise their clasped hands in devout worship. Perhaps the highlight of the festival is the three colourful parades (peraheras) which are staged throughout the event, all more progressively colourful and vibrant than the previous one. The celebrations start at dawn with drums throbbing through the space and slowly Lights flare up and vendors line the streets. Later the fire ball artists come to enthral the audience—something worth witnessing. Thereafter the standard bearers carrying the flags of the provinces of Sri Lanka followed by the hevisi band to add music to the procession with their pipes and drums. The perahera will begin at 8.30pm and will journey back to the temple sanctum well past midnight. It will be another January full moon night when its spectators will rekindle and reaffirm the spirit of a nation which has received its every impulse in every sphere of activity from the noble doctrine of Gautama Buddha. Embark on a journey filled with faith and enthusiasm with our Durutha Perahera festival tours.

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Every year in the month of January when the moon reaches its climax, a historic pageant unfolds on the streets of Kelaniya, a city just seven kilometres away from the capital city of Colombo. The festivities start as the chief of the temple comes bearing the casket of sacred relics and will go around the temple premises thrice. The epic Durutha Poya festival marks the beginning of Sri Lankan New Year and through our exclusive Durutha festival tour packages we wish to make you embark on an oriental kind of celebration that you have never witnessed before. The entire festival consists of three stages and commences with a series of religious ceremonies held each night. Almost 3,000 participants swirl and move to the beats of ancient music and welcome the New year in religious fervour. The traditions and culture of the grand heritage of Sri Lanka is depicted throughout the procession which is considered to be the highlight of many rituals and ceremonies preceding the event. Embark on the soul-stirring journey with our exclusive traveling packages.

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