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The northeastern states of India are blessed with a beauty that is hard to behold completely with eyes—In fact, it has to be soaked into your soul. A tributary flowing here, a waterfall there, northeast is often referred as the heaven on earth by some avid travelers. Agriculture is the primary source of income in the state, making people very religious and sentimental about their lifestyle. To celebrate the diversity of these tribes, the state of Nagaland organizes festival of Hornbill every year. Motive is to encourage unity in diversity and bringing peace and harmony into the state. During the festival, various competitions are organized during including the famous Miss Nagaland beauty contest. Children get an opportunity to participate in various competitions on sketching, painting, sports and dancing. People from all corners of Nagaland, whether old or young come together to be a part of it. Various traditional arts of Nagaland are also represented in it by the display of wooden carvings, Naga-murunga exhibitions and sculptures. This colorful and delightful festival deserves your presence. Make your trip to Kohima on the occasion of hornbill with our Hornbill festival tour package.

Hornbill Festival Tours

Nagaland, a land adorned with beauteous Himalayas, tributary rivers and flora and fauna of all kinds has everything unique about it. The beautiful state of Nagaland has its primary occupation as agriculture which also unites all kinds of communities and tribes within the state. In an effort to unify the tribes and celebrate its fascinating diversity, the state of Nagaland organizes hornbill festival every year from 1st to 10th of December. Bringing cultures and tribes from all over Nagaland to participate and celebrate, the festival is indeed a sight to behold. Every year thousands of tourists flock to this place in order to join these amazing festivities. The inauguration or closing is often done by the president or prime minister of India. Make yourself a witness to this celebration by choosing our hornbill festival tour package.

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Hornbill Festival Tour

Tour Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days

Don that headdress and swing to the beats of tribal music in the ‘Festivals of Festivals: Hornbill’. Twirl and whirl in Kisama (where Hornbill Festival is held), while you also rover through 04 UNESCO listed World ...


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