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Touted as the happiest country in the world, Bhutan has an enchanting aura that attracts people from around the world who are on a soul searching voyage. The soul of the country lies in its traditional cultural values that can be easily seen in its festivals and one such important festival is TSECHU. For this particular festival, the preparations start months before, since it is celebrated at such gigantic scale. The festivities will give you a chance to socialize with performers and locals of Dzong and get to know the local culture in much more depth. We at Bestway, believing in giving a deep and fulfilling experience to our customers which is why our TSECHU festival tour packages includes spending quality time in the local scene before the festival starts and get to know the values of Buddhism and their rich traditional past in more detail.  If you are lucky, you may also get to attend free meditation sessions with the monks. During the festival, the locals get dressed-up in traditional clothes, where men wear cummerbunds and women wear vibrant headgears and traditional jewelry. The festival showcases multiple dance forms performed over the course of four-day celebrations that are sure to enthrall you. Embark on this delightful trip that provides an insight into the true cultural ethos of this Happy nation. Book our Thimphu Drubchen packages festival tour packages now for a satiating traveling experience.

Tsechu Festival Tour Package in Bhutan

Held annually in a number of monasteries in Bhutan, TSECHU festival is organized to honor the mighty Padmasambhava, a revered deity in Buddhist tradition. The festival is a major attraction in Bhutan that makes thousands of travelers flock to this place every year. TSECHU showcases monks displaying amazing cultural art forms with traditional Buddhist ethos blend smoothly into it. Book our Thimphu Drubchen Festival tour packages now and witness sacred dances and rituals performed by people from all walks of life. Tsechus marks the most auspicious days as per Bhutanese calendrer, and spans over a time period of four days in which a series of masked dance rituals are performed. The last day of the festival also marks the unfurling of the majestic Thongdrel, which is a very large scroll painting or thangka. The painting is unfurled with intense religious fervor, early in the morning, which is a blissful experience to be witnessed. The painting measures almost 30 metres (98 ft)×45 metres (148 ft) and showcases images of Padmasambhava at the center with his two consorts and his eight incarnations. Make this beautiful experience a permanent part of your travel diaries with our TSECHU festival Bhutan festival.

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