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It is time to see the remains of ancient stupas, shrines, palaces, buildings, monasteries, tanks and parks, each one narrating its own story of a glorious past. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa is unmatched with its enduring beauty and the stories associated with it.  Shiva Devala No.2 is the oldest building in Polonnaruwa as it dates back to the brief South Indian Chola dynasty period (around 1070) when the Indian invaders established the city. Also, this is one of few Hindu temples on the grounds. Because it is among the few buildings built completely of stone, it is basically in the same condition as when it was constructed at that time. You will get to see the remains of some of the greatest feats of the past; the gigantic Parakrama Samudra (The Sea of Parakrama). Spread across 2500 hectares of land, still provides water for irrigation to the surrounding areas and is believed to be one of the greatest irrigation feats of the past. The city of Polonnaruwa consists a citadel (inner city) and an outer city. The Citadel had 2 types of buildings – the king’s palace/royal court and administration buildings. The outer city has religious shrines, with the main shrine being the Sacred Quadrangle. The king`s Audience Hall is one of the best-preserved structures in the Royal Palace Group, with amazing stone carved elephants on the walls. Rankot Vihara is a magnificent dagaba in excellent condition, of impressive 54 meters tall! Nissanka Lata Mandapaya, built by King Nissankamalla, is an innovative work of art depicting the grandeur of classical architecture. It is believed the pavilion was used for chanting Buddha’s teaching while the inscription at the pavilion reveals that the king used to listen to the chanting of pirith, which were Buddhist blessings. There’s a lot to describe this place, it’s always a great idea to live the experience rather than listening to the experiences. Come, let ‘strike another tour dream from your bucket list with our exclusive travel packages to Polonnaruwa.

Travel packages to Polonnaruwa

Sri Lanka’s ancient City Polonnaruwa forms part of the “Cultural Triangle” along with Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Kandy, and Dambulla. The lovely ancient city comprises of a lot of temples and religious buildings, which is astounding in its own way. The monuments within the ancient city are concentrated in one area, and especially if you have a car it is fairly easy to see the main sights within 1 day. All the beautiful sights are built along a one-way road. The pool lies between the Palace and the garden and a pavilion called the council chamber is present towards the north. At the entrance the popular “moonstone” with its elaborate carvings of elephants, horses showing an internal possession around the central lotus flowers. Astonishing to believe, all this done by a great stone sculptor long forgotten except his work. Natives believe that Polonnaruwa was the thriving commercial and religious centre of Sri Lanka some 800 years ago. Let’s roll our accumulated dreams by visiting this amazing Heritage site. Reviving the spiritual dimension you get to visit the Gal Viharaya or Rock Temple. You will find four Buddha statues carved out of granite rock. Our ancient City of Polonnaruwa package tours are worth spending your quality time at Polonnaruwa.

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