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Sigiriya rock plateau, made up of magma of an extinct volcano, is 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungles.  The plateau blends a unique harmony between nature and human imagination, which often leave the visitors awestruck. It required advanced architectural and engineering skills for the construction of such a monument on a massive rock.  The main entrance is towards the northern side of the rock. The surrounding landscape – lily-pad-covered moats, water gardens and cave shrines only add to Sigiriya rock-star appeal. Sigiriya has the world’s oldest gardens portraying historical beauty that are a sure to enchant you and an important part of Bestway’s exclusive ancient City of Sigiriya Travel Packages. The peak of the rock is a hectare in area and the outer wall of the palace constructed on the brink of the rock with lovely gardens and ponds are sure to leave you enchanted. Designed in the form of a huge stone lion, the lower part of this magnificent structure is still very much intact but the upper part has suffered the ravages of time. The palace was named Sigiriya due to the presence of this gigantic lion structure and gained immense popularity for Sri Lanka. Fountains of Sigiriya constructed in the 5th century are perhaps the oldest in the world. The frescoes are probably Sigiriya’s major fame and will make one wonder how such amazing piece of art was created with limited resources at that time. The structures illustrate nude female bodies that are considered to be either the portraits of Kasyapa’s wives and concubines or priestess performing religious acts. Despite the unknown identity of the females illustrated in the frescoes, these unique ancient paintings celebrate female beauty and have incredible historical significance. The whole face of the wall has been used as a picture gallery which to this day has been preserved. Sigiriya is an unparalleled combination of urban planning, water engineering, horticulture and arts. What we do know is that this is a remarkable monument – a real highlight of a visit to Sri Lanka.

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Sigiriya does not reveal its secrets easily, and you'll have to climb a series of vertiginous staircases attached to walls to reach top. Referred by natives as the Eighth Wonder of the World, this ancient palace and fortress complex has significant archaeological importance. The world heritage sight attracts thousands of tourists every year and possibly it is the most visited tourist destination of Sri Lanka. Called by many names including “The Lion Rock” for its initial name of “Sinhagiri”, Sigiriya is near the town of Dambulla and is a colossal column of rock nearly 200m high. For 18 years (477-495) it was a royal citadel when it was fortified by King Kasyapa. Declared as World Heritage, you would not want to miss this ancient architectural marvel and Through our complete Sigiriya tour package, BestWay2India will definitely make this your memorable tour.

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