Great himalayan national park tour package

Declared as World Heritage Site in 2014 by UNESCO, The Great Himalayan National Park is one glimpse to the exuberant beauty of Himalayas. Crystal clear flowing river and snow capped mountains will surely remind you of all the descriptions you have read of heaven. The place is picturesque at each and every step you take, thus becoming the most desired place for trekking. Trek route from Gushaini to Parvati valley is the most opted one by travelers as it serves as a perfect treat for bird watching and fishing tour. The park is endowed with nearly 100 types of trees with oak and deodar as the primary one, making this place a must visit for all botany students out there. Poaching and hunting is strictly prohibited in the park thus it safeguards various types of reptiles, mammals, birds, mollusks and insects living in its vicinity. The park offers an elephant ride every morning for those who desire to have a jungle trip. Best time to visit the park will be in between the months of April to October. Give us an opportunity to plan your visit to The Great Himalayan National Park with our Great Himalayan National Park tour package.

Great himalayan national park trek packages

As said by several Indian poets, India is blessed with a crown of Indian Himalayas. Their beauty is overwhelming and aura is inspiring. Whether for an adventurous endeavor or spiritual healing, the Himalayas are truly a great place to be. Located inside the bounty of these snow covered slopes is the great Himalayan National Park. Located near Kullu District, it is spread over an area of 1171 sq. Km showcasing lush green farmland dotted with a variety of flora and fauna. This enchanting place hoards 375 types of fauna, 31 types of mammals and 181 types of birds! Indeed, it is heaven on earth. Most desired place for a trek as it is, the place is surrounded by a sanctuary and national park. Book your visit to the site with our Great Himalayan National Park trek packages.

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