Hill Forts of Rajasthan trip

The reigning monarch in the Land of Maharajas built enormous palaces as status symbols between 8th and 18th centuries, out of which six now makes to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The eclectic architecture encloses trading centers, temples, sacred grounds and urban centers some of which are still persistent. The establishments ensured the use of natural defenses of the landscape, be it desert in Jaisalmer or water in Jhalawar or hills in Jaipur. With our tour package to Rajasthan indulge in the opulence of forts and palaces in different cities of Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur and Chittorgarh. The eminent fort of Amer with cobbled paths and series of gates overlooks Maota lake, the main source of water for the palace. Jaisalmer Fort perhaps is a ‘living fort’ with most of the population still residing within the palace ramparts. Gagron Fort setting an example as a hill and water fort holds vibrant fairs annually. Ranthambore Fort nestled between the splendid Ranthambore National Park is a formidable fort while Chittor Fort is the largest citadel sprawling on a hill 180m high spread over 280 ha. Lastly, the fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls extending 36kms, making it the longest walls in the world. Visit forts of Rajasthan to witness the manifestations by the Royals in the princely state.

Hill Forts of Rajasthan visit

Hop on the tour of discovering the six majestic forts spread across Rajasthan state listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The massive fortification, illustrious courtyards and ostentatiously designed walls inspire an awe to the populous. Clustered together in the princely state of Rajasthan, these six forts: Amer Fort in Jaipur, Ranthambore Fort in Sawai Madhopur, Kumbhalgarh Fort in Kumbhalgarh, Jaisalmer Fort in Jaisalmer, Chittor Fort in Chittorgarh and Gagron Fort in Jhalawar breaks the mundane cityscape and offers an exotic architecture to the eyes. With our travel packages for Rajasthan Palace tour endure in the alluring palaces structured on cliffs overlooking the entire town.