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The lovely mosque city of Bagerhat comprises a unique and intriguing infrastructure. Having a mere glimpse of it, one can realize the considerable technical skill and craftsmanship the monuments have undergone. Many of the Islamic monuments and other mosques to be found in this ancient city were built of brick that was not a commonly used building material at the time. The most famed monument in Bagerhat is the single-domed dargah which serves as Khan Jahan’s mausoleum and located on the northern embankment of the Thakur Dighi. It is a common belief in Bagerhat that Khan Jahan Ali chose this site a few years before he died, and he even laid a tombstone upon which his followers later recorded his death. Nine-Domed Mosque, located on the western bank of Thakur Dighi, is a graceful squire mosque which has recently been repaired and covered with nine low hemispherical domes supported on four slender stone columns. In plain and elevation, the single domed small monument closely resembles the Singair Mosque and has suffered heavily at the hands of the inclement weather of this area. Stroll through the streets of new and Old Dhaka with our exclusive Mosque City of Bagerhat tour packages. Take a rickshaw ride on narrow streets of the city and witness its local culture and floating markets. Also, enjoy the boat ride on live and vibrant river of Buriganga. Sprinkled with traverse rivers and narrow canals, one can easily experience life on Ganges Delta in Barisal. While travelling, do make a stop in a village and have tea while meeting localities and experience the true culture of this historic city. Plan with us and add to your travel list this extraordinary representation of architecture and calligraphic excellence.

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The Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat represents the vestiges of a medieval Muslim town in the northern peripheral land of the Sundarbans. It contains some of the most notable buildings of the development era of Muslim architecture in Bengal. Bagerhat includes 360 mosques, public buildings, mausoleums, bridges, roads, water tanks and other public buildings constructed from baked brick. Mosque of Shait-Gumbad and the mausoleum of Khan Jahan are the two main attractions of Bagerhat. The picturesque location and the natural setting of these densely located religious and secular monuments showcases a medieval charm. The density of Islamic religious monuments is explained by the piety of Khan Jahan, which is revealed by the engraved inscription on his tomb. This reveals the commendable mastery of techniques that must have been used in the planning of this spatial organization. Book our complete Mosque City of Bagerhat tour package now and drench in the allure of ancient Mughal era.

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