Kaziranga national park safari

In 1904, then viceroy of British India visited Kaziranga to have a glance of magnificent one horn rhinos and the scarcity of the latter brought his wife Victoria to convince her husband for the establishment of Kaziranga National Park. The park was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1905. Today, this site is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO and rightly so.
Kaziranga is blessed with a very fertile soil that enables growing elephant grass, which automatically attracts species like the elephants, rhinos and swamp deer. Though 70% population of the park is of the great one horn rhinos but one can witness various forms of fauna and flora around. The park offers elephant ride in the morning, making your visit to the jungle worth a while. Later, you can go for a jeep safari to witness the beautiful rhinos sleeping, eating, roaming or taking a marshy bath. Rhinoceroses have a peculiar habit of defecating only at a specific spot making heaps of dung in that area. It is one of the major reasons for their easy poaching for their magical horns that have exemplary medicinal qualities. The beautiful creatures are very aggressive and protective in nature so make sure you don’t go too near to click a picture. The park is delight for all those who have a special liking for wilderness and wildlife. Make your trip to Kaziranga National Park with our Kaziranga Forest Tour

Kaziranga national park trip

India is a land of diverse landscapes and magnificent rivers. The country is adorned with several rivers and Brahmaputra is one of those magnificent rivers that grace the landscape of Eastern belt of India. One such area in its way is Kaziranga in Assam, which brims with amazing greenery. The lovely Kaziranga national park comes under the river’s basin and is blessed with soil capable of growing large elephant Grass. This particular grass attracts rare yet astoundingly beautiful animals to it, including the great single horned Rhinoceroses. To spend a day in the national park is to book yourself for a visual retreat. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself for a soul-stirring kaziranga national park tour.

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