Kanchenjunga national park tour package

The beautiful Kanchendzonga National Park with its continuous tract of mountains, green forests, flowering meadows and streams in its primitive wilderness attracts nature and adventure lovers from across the world. This park came into existence through the generosity of heart and purse of idealists who having realized the beauties of the region decided to nurture it into a national park. Kanchenjunga national park is perhaps the only largest biologically intact that has continuous tract of mountainous land with valleys of lush green forests reserved for the conservation of its native wildlife. Natives of Sikkim worship Khangchendzonga as their Guardian Deity whose divine grace on the land ensures peace and prosperity. Offerings are made to this sacred place and ceremonies are carried out in his name in order to show devotion and respect. Bestway2India provides number of trekking activities one can partake in, most of the popular treks start from Yuksom. The park harbours around 550 species of birds including the likes of Satyr tragopan, Osprey, Himalayan griffon, Lammergeier, Blood Pheasants, Asian emerald cookoo and eagles. This park is considered to be the finest example of an independent mountain having its own glacial system radiating from its several summits. The glaciers & crests on the northern portion embrace Nepal, Talung, Tent Mountain & the Zemo & Simyo glaciers & additional peaks such as Pandim, Narshing, Siniolchu and so on in further directions. The thriving vegetation covers Temperate wide leaved jungles subjugated by oaks, diverse Coniferous jungles comprising fir, birch, maple, willow and so on. Khangchendzonga is equipped with one of the most magnificent high-altitude ecosystems in the world. Plan your visit with our exclusive Kanchenjunga tour package and experience the unimaginable beauty of Eastern Himalayas.

Kanchenjunga tour package

Kanchendzonga National Park occupies a place at the apex amongst the high-altitude National Parks in the country. Being located in inaccessible area of Sikkim it has the advantage of remaining untouched from the chaos of human establishments. This National Park is nestled in wilderness, with snowy peaks towering above fine forests that remain virtually undisturbed. Considered to be one of the most holy monasteries in Sikkim, Khangchendzonga National Park envelops Tholung Monastery which is situated in a buffer zone. As per local legends, some religious masters have hidden holy texts and treatises across the park, which is destined to be discovered by treasure hunters from all the sacred spots in future. All nature & escapade lovers are enticed towards visiting this park because of its permanent territory admits the mountains, green jungles, blossoming meadows & watercourse in its primeval wilderness. This place is a home to endangered species like the Himalayan Tahr, snow leopard, Musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Tibetan antelope, Wild ass, Barking deer, Flying squirrel and the unique Red panda. Book our Kanchenjunga National Park Packages now and discover the unique beauty of flora and fauna in all its colours.

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