Manas national park jeep safari

Manas National Park is recognized not only for its spectacular scenery and natural landscapes but also for its rich biodiversity which includes a range of forested hills, alluvial grasslands and tropical evergreen forests. It is also famous for its population of the Wild water buffalo population and royal Indian tiger. As listed in the IUCN Red Book, Manas national park harbours maximum number of endangered species in India. Fill your travel experience with stunning views of nature and some of the rarest animals and be enthralled with its natural beauty. While sitting on an elephant ride, one can easily spot rhinos and tigers spending time in some of the most secluded places of wild. Forest officials arrange rides that start from Mathanguri for visitors to the banks of river Manas. In the morning, we suggest you go on a fascinating river rafting on Jia Bhoroli River. For the same, drive 25 kms from the resort towards the river upstream, from where you will enjoy the downstream rafting on the inflatable raft. Also, here you will have a chance to see a lot of migratory waterfowl and if you are lucky then one can even spot the Elephants and Royal Bengal Tigers on the banks of the river from the boat. It takes around 3 hours rafting for the 13 km stretch. Grasslands of Terai and Bhabar type cover about half the Park. The riparian areas have colonizing grasslands and woodlands of several species. The thick woodlands are referred to as Eastern Moist Deciduous Forests of various types. It has very thick under growths and surprisingly about 650 Angiosperms are found here alone. Around 550 varieties of plant species among the flora can be explored in Manas National Park.  This place is a native soil to 60 varieties of mammals, 435 groups of birds (10 sorts are globally vulnerable), 42 genera of reptiles and amphibians, 54 types of fishes and 103 kinds of invertebrates. Book our exclusive manas wildlife sanctuary packages now and explore wilderness like you have never done before.

Manas wildlife sanctuary tourism

BestWay2India offers all wildlife lovers, a trip to national parks to have a profound experience of wild jungles. Tourists from all parts of the world are enticed by the flora and fauna in the park, especially the one-horned rhinoceros. Splitting into two major streams, Manas flows into the national Park from the gorges of Bhutan and of which the main water course comes out of the National Park about 30 km downstream is known as ‘Beki”. Tranquillity and calmness of Mothanguri site on the bank of river Manas close to Bhutan is the rarest gift of the nature that too in its purest form. Manas National Park is the only landscape in the world where natural Terai Grasslands are seen merging with the Bhabar grasslands interspersed with diverse habitats ascending to Semi-Evergreen forests and then to Bhutan Himalayas. It is composed of rich biodiversity. Embark on a journey of adventure and wilderness with our manas national park safari wildlife packages

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