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Preah Vihear Temples is a big northern province of Cambodia that encapsulates a charming past and ancient architecture. Its beautiful capital is called Phnom Tbeng Meanchey. The province itself is named after the temple of Prasat Preah Vihear that is definitely the standing hotspot of this province. Interestingly, the province is excessively remote and strongly forested.  After a small ride gaze upon the remnants of Preah Vihear, you will come across intricate stone ornamentations, and vast, clear views of Cambodian plains. For a more detailed tour around the temple complex, we help you hire a tour guide near the area. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by a lush jungle and a composed environment, demands to be implored in careful detail. This place comprises of four courtyards and five, ornate gopurams, the entrance gateways to Hindu temples with the last vestiges of the Khmer Empire are truly a wonder to behold. The afternoon journey continues to Koh Ker group Khmer empire city in the 10th-century temples complex north Cambodian temple built during the Khmer empire, the is now very heavy and remote in the forest. You will get to visit Prasat Pram, Prasat Thom the main structure, its stepped 7-tiered Pyramid. A visit to Bengmelea, a large Hindu temple complex will make you realize how culturally fertile this place is. The temple’s primary material is sandstone which makes it some sort of an architectural marvel. Atop the cliffs of the Dangrek Mountains sits the Temple of Preah Vihear, a place of ruin and serenity preserved by nature and survived by culture. Explore the elegant temple that dates back to the 9th century, older than the famous Angkor Wat, another Hindu temple in Cambodia. Considered as a masterpiece of the ancient Khmer Empire, bring to light the religious Hindu culture by traversing well-preserved ruins, authentic in its architecture and style. Let’s explore more of this place and take away everlasting memories. Grab our Preah Vihear Temple Travel Packages now.

Holiday packages to Preah Vihear Temple

See a different side of Cambodia as you venture away from Siem Reap to the enormous temple complex of Preah Vihear. Discover and explore the ancient structure from the 11th century and marvel at its fascinating architecture. Delight a savoury lunch before further stretch of the sanctuary complex. The temple bears the scars of Cambodia’s ravaged past and was damaged again in 2011 during skirmishes linked to the long-running border dispute with Thailand. Today a tourist spot, this temple was handed to Thailand by the French in 1954 and returned to Cambodia in 1962 following an international court ruling. Both countries still claim the territory in the immediate proximity of the temple. It was given World Heritage status in 2008 by UNESCO. The surrounding hillsides were massively mined during the Pol Pot period and the subsequent Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia and it is important not to stray from well-marked paths. However, the temple area itself is perfectly safe and a new road up the mountain on the Cambodian side has undoubtedly improved the quality of access. Take this journey with our complete Preah Vihear Temple tour packages to embark on a soul-stirring experience.

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